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Monday, February 21, 2011

Red face then a red butt

           So Ember came over a couple of days ago, I told her about getting caught with the alcohol, and that I feel really bad about getting in trouble but I told her I did not tell mom or dad. Still for some reason she still felt really bad and insisted on telling on herself.  She ended up submitting to getting a spanking herself she says it helps to clear her conscious I know what she means. When we kept something from mom or dad when we were kids we would get so upset from keeping the secret to avoid a spanking that we would just finally blurt it out. Oddly we always felt better (after we were done crying) than we had before. I was really glad that Ember was not angry with me and I tried to tell her it was ok she didn’t have to say anything but I think the guilt would have really bothered her by the time we were 15 we rarely ever hid anything from our parents the spankings are not a great thing but they were far better than the guilt.
 What’s more is dad got tired of my “potty mouth” and sent me to write out I will not swear in this house 75 times! Granted I thought I was getting off easy until he popped his head in my room and told me that when I am finished I am to bring him the paper and his paddle. I completed the writing and got that evil paddle and took it to him hoping I would get a few hard swats and a lecture and be done. Boy was that what I got and more. He told me right away that I was going to get a swat for every line he had me write. As I started to protest that I thought that was a bit much he pulled me over his lap. No matter how many times I find myself in this position my face gets red from humiliation. Between the humiliation and the no joke sting of each forceful swat my voice was cracking by only the fourth or fifth swat and he had not even used the paddle. At the point that he finished or so I thought :-( . I had gotten 15 swats over his knee he told me to stand up. I was relieved thinking it was over but he stood up grabbed the paddle and told me to put the sheet on the set and grab the seat. By the time I put my hands down my eyes were already clouding with tears I already didn’t want anymore and it was about to get worse. I don’t even know many I got because I was having to focus just on getting the line out and I knew it by heart now. I was lucky I didn’t earn extras at this point from stomping my foot I couldn’t help it, it hurt. He stopped paddling me but ordered me out of my shoes and pants, them back over his knee I really think his hand hurt as bad as the paddle. It wasn’t many swats before my panties had to come down to and I know I got at least one extra swat for not saying the line quickly enough. Eventually he got tired of waiting and just really went to town on spanking me. There is now way I could have counted them (without being rain man) but it had to me at least 30 I was squirming pretty bad and crying at that point he stopped and sent me to my room. I will say this I will not cuss in front of my dad again… until he is at least 80 and I know can out run him.

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