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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Texting and driving

Nothing gets me into hot water with Dad faster than doing something he deems unsafe. Texting and driving falls into that category. I understand that texting while driving causes accidents but i have always been careful when texting and driving.  However, i learned that just because i am trying to be careful does not mean there will not be an accident.  I was texting and got into the accident because the other driver pulled out in front of me too close but had i not been texting i would have been able to stop in time.

When the officer arrived, the cranky old witch who ran into me said it was my fault because i was texting.  I told the officer that it was not true, that she had cut me off while i was being a careful driver.  The cop said either way i should not be texting and blah blah blah.  I ended up arguing with him and he ended up putting me in the back of his car to "calm down" but it only ticked me off more.  I ended up being taken to the station and i was put in a cell for an hour.  I was actually dreading the hour ending because i knew i would have to call my dad to come get me.

I did end up calling my dad and I was surprised how calm he was when he picked me up and took me back to my car.  The accident was a fender bender so the car was okay.  I sat in the seat, put the keys in the ignition, then i looked up and saw him standing there. As i looked up he told me that i should enjoy sitting comfortably on my way home because i would not want to sit for a long while after i got home.
I quietly nodded knowing that the spanking i had coming was a bad one.  I was crying almost the whole way home and he had not even touched me yet!

We got home and i just kind of sat there not quite ready to go in yet.  I knew he would waste no time at getting my bottom bared and stinging.  I was sitting there thinking about my last spanking.  Dad has hands that a stranger can tell from a simple handshake are definitely the hands of a man that does a lot of hands-on work.  His hands could put a fisherman's hands to shame.  When Dad got out of his truck and came and "helped" me out of the car, it was kinda the same way the cop "helped" me into his.  Dad pulled me out of the car and held onto my elbow all the way into the house. 

When we got inside, Dad promptly took my phone. Needless to say, i was pretty unhappy about it but then i saw what i hoped might be a ray of hope for my poor behind.  Ember was sitting there ready to show Dad her AA card.  See, i knew she had not gotten all the signatures on the card, at least not herself!!  When Dad saw her sitting there he asked what she was there for and she said she was just checking in to show that she had met her AA requirement.  Hoping to distract Dad, i mentioned that her card was forged, however did not distract him.  Instead he told her to stay right where she was and led me straight to the room.

I was already shaking and my heart was beating a little faster than normal.  Dad promptly put me over his knee but i was still feeling more defiant than he likes so he landed at least 10 hard swats.  With my jeans to protect me, i was still going to argue my case he was being unfair!! The accident itself was the old hag's fault, not mine. Well, he must have know what i was thinking because right after i thought that he had me take my jeans down and my panties did not last much longer.

Now, with no protection at all, i could feel every callous on his hands and every smack left my bottom feeling even hotter but soon the spanking stopped.  I though i was done, but out came the paddle Daddy had threatened me with as we walked in.  The paddle is light and smooth but my dad has really strong arms and almost immediately i was in tears.  What was worse, he stood by my head with me laying across the bed and leaned over me for each swat, knowing i would see it coming, not to mention that there was no way i could miss a single syllable of his scolding. I got a LOT of swats this way and i was sure my bottom was going to hurt for a long time. When he finally stopped and had me lean over the bed, i assumed it was just the cool down time he usually gives me but there was more to come....

I have noticed that a lot of people on here have some pictures of their spanked bottoms so i may put one up.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

He may be stern but I am lucky

Sometimes I am almost glad to have the authority over me that dad provides by me being in his house.  I had a moment where I was going to just skip an assignment today it just seemed to hard but dad caught sight of it and made sure I did it.  I got an "A" thanks to his bossiness,  and help ( I hate admitting he may be smarter than me) , he helped me more than my professor and found a great way for me to figure it out and remember it

Dad being so strict is not always a bad thing and he is not above helping me to follow his rules and meet his expectations.  It’s not like he wants me to fail and just sits back and waits for it to happen.  I really am a good girl but my dad believes that what makes a good girl be a good girl is spankings. I try to be good but what gets me in trouble now is the same thing that got me in trouble as a kid, my mouth.  The thing is that it just comes naturally.  I try to tell people I am a red head it’s not my fault. 

I am lucky though it could be worse my parents are really good to me as long as I am being good. My dad makes a point to tell me that he is proud of me and makes a point to tell me I am a good girl and I get lots of hugs when I am being good.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Red face then a red butt

           So Ember came over a couple of days ago, I told her about getting caught with the alcohol, and that I feel really bad about getting in trouble but I told her I did not tell mom or dad. Still for some reason she still felt really bad and insisted on telling on herself.  She ended up submitting to getting a spanking herself she says it helps to clear her conscious I know what she means. When we kept something from mom or dad when we were kids we would get so upset from keeping the secret to avoid a spanking that we would just finally blurt it out. Oddly we always felt better (after we were done crying) than we had before. I was really glad that Ember was not angry with me and I tried to tell her it was ok she didn’t have to say anything but I think the guilt would have really bothered her by the time we were 15 we rarely ever hid anything from our parents the spankings are not a great thing but they were far better than the guilt.
 What’s more is dad got tired of my “potty mouth” and sent me to write out I will not swear in this house 75 times! Granted I thought I was getting off easy until he popped his head in my room and told me that when I am finished I am to bring him the paper and his paddle. I completed the writing and got that evil paddle and took it to him hoping I would get a few hard swats and a lecture and be done. Boy was that what I got and more. He told me right away that I was going to get a swat for every line he had me write. As I started to protest that I thought that was a bit much he pulled me over his lap. No matter how many times I find myself in this position my face gets red from humiliation. Between the humiliation and the no joke sting of each forceful swat my voice was cracking by only the fourth or fifth swat and he had not even used the paddle. At the point that he finished or so I thought :-( . I had gotten 15 swats over his knee he told me to stand up. I was relieved thinking it was over but he stood up grabbed the paddle and told me to put the sheet on the set and grab the seat. By the time I put my hands down my eyes were already clouding with tears I already didn’t want anymore and it was about to get worse. I don’t even know many I got because I was having to focus just on getting the line out and I knew it by heart now. I was lucky I didn’t earn extras at this point from stomping my foot I couldn’t help it, it hurt. He stopped paddling me but ordered me out of my shoes and pants, them back over his knee I really think his hand hurt as bad as the paddle. It wasn’t many swats before my panties had to come down to and I know I got at least one extra swat for not saying the line quickly enough. Eventually he got tired of waiting and just really went to town on spanking me. There is now way I could have counted them (without being rain man) but it had to me at least 30 I was squirming pretty bad and crying at that point he stopped and sent me to my room. I will say this I will not cuss in front of my dad again… until he is at least 80 and I know can out run him.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Home only a week

Ok, well I haven’t been home long but I went out with my big sis Ember she really seems to be the only person truly happy to see me again.  We went out and had a few drinks, went back and got a bottle of JD and went back to mom and dad’s to have a few shots.  Then Ember had to go home. Later that night I finished of the bottle (it was a small one).  Unfortunately I did not have the fore sight to throw the bottle away.

See dad has a no alcohol rule in the house and just a couple of days later mom was picking up to do some laundry and found the bottle with my cloths.  That was a big deal for mom and as soon as I walked in the door she jumped down my throat telling me I was going to get spanked.  This of course is not the first time I have been spanked.   She ordered me to their bedroom and I took my shoes and pants off and waited for dad to come in.   Man I was nervous!   It had been a while and I heard dad come in and the minute he walked through the door mom told him. I could hear how displeased he was as he talked to mom i was already regretting my decision. 

It was worse than I remember I don’t remember dads hands being so hard much less so rough his hands scratched me every time he moved his hand.  Each swat stung more than I thought it would and by the time he finished it was obvious he meant business and believe me, I was sorry.