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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Home only a week

Ok, well I haven’t been home long but I went out with my big sis Ember she really seems to be the only person truly happy to see me again.  We went out and had a few drinks, went back and got a bottle of JD and went back to mom and dad’s to have a few shots.  Then Ember had to go home. Later that night I finished of the bottle (it was a small one).  Unfortunately I did not have the fore sight to throw the bottle away.

See dad has a no alcohol rule in the house and just a couple of days later mom was picking up to do some laundry and found the bottle with my cloths.  That was a big deal for mom and as soon as I walked in the door she jumped down my throat telling me I was going to get spanked.  This of course is not the first time I have been spanked.   She ordered me to their bedroom and I took my shoes and pants off and waited for dad to come in.   Man I was nervous!   It had been a while and I heard dad come in and the minute he walked through the door mom told him. I could hear how displeased he was as he talked to mom i was already regretting my decision. 

It was worse than I remember I don’t remember dads hands being so hard much less so rough his hands scratched me every time he moved his hand.  Each swat stung more than I thought it would and by the time he finished it was obvious he meant business and believe me, I was sorry.  

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