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Saturday, February 26, 2011

He may be stern but I am lucky

Sometimes I am almost glad to have the authority over me that dad provides by me being in his house.  I had a moment where I was going to just skip an assignment today it just seemed to hard but dad caught sight of it and made sure I did it.  I got an "A" thanks to his bossiness,  and help ( I hate admitting he may be smarter than me) , he helped me more than my professor and found a great way for me to figure it out and remember it

Dad being so strict is not always a bad thing and he is not above helping me to follow his rules and meet his expectations.  It’s not like he wants me to fail and just sits back and waits for it to happen.  I really am a good girl but my dad believes that what makes a good girl be a good girl is spankings. I try to be good but what gets me in trouble now is the same thing that got me in trouble as a kid, my mouth.  The thing is that it just comes naturally.  I try to tell people I am a red head it’s not my fault. 

I am lucky though it could be worse my parents are really good to me as long as I am being good. My dad makes a point to tell me that he is proud of me and makes a point to tell me I am a good girl and I get lots of hugs when I am being good.

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